Astronomy and Astrophotography

COB Photography brings to you an exciting exploration of the universe as presented by Carl O ‘Beirnes one of Ireland’s leading astronomer and astrophotoapher.

Carl has also appeared on many episodes of the BBC Sky at Night TV show with the late Sir Patrick Moore displaying his work on the night sky. Carl also runs and owns J09 Balbriggan Observatory in which he takes images of near-Earth asteroids for the Minor Planet Centre in Massachusetts which is a branch of International Astronomical Union (IAU).

When not taking images of asteroids, Carl enjoys imaging the Planets, distant Galaxies and Nebulae.

COB Photography will be holding photography tutorials on how to photograph the stars and find your way around the night sky. During this tutorial you will view and photograph the Moon, Planets, other solar system bodies and Deep Sky objects.

Why not join us at our professional telescope observatory in Balbriggan. Where you can view the Moon, Planets, and other solar system bodies up close.

We will also be holding Aurora Photography tutorials and trips in Balbriggan, Sweden, and Norway.

Don’t feel comfortable learning in a crowd?
Maybe you would prefer a personal astronomy one-to-one tuition session? If so, I can now offer astronomy and astrophotography one-to-one tuition.
Can’t come to me?
If you’d like this in person, I am happy to travel to you

Starting out in astronomy.
How to find your way around the sky.
What to view. Moon, Planets, other solar system bodies and Deep Sky.
Advice on buying and using a telescopes.

Starting out in Astrophotography.
Learn the basics of taking night sky constellation pictures.
Using Startrails software to produce star trails of the night sky.
Use Deep Sky Stacker to produce deeper images of the night sky, without using a tracking mount.

Astrophotography Imaging and processing.
Learn all about the theory of astronomical imaging and why we have to process our images.

This can cover the following applications.
Deep Sky Stacker.
Learn how to stack multiple images.
Use image processing software to tease out the detail hidden in your stacked image.
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